14 -16 October 2020


14 -16 October 2020

What is LibertyCon Africa?

LibertyCon Africa will bring together hundreds of students, young leaders from across the continent, featuring dozens of international speakers, and offering a memorable experience.

It is a perfect setting to meet and engage with pro-liberty students and young professionals from all over the world.


Because of the current global pandemic, this year’s LibertyCon Africa will be hosted online!

From your computer, at the comfort of your home or office, you’ll hear from inspiring and seasoned speakers, learn about the classical liberal ideas from the best pro-liberty advocates in Africa, participate and share thoughts on solutions to issues bedeviling the continent, network and make new friends!

No one will move Africa forward except us. It is time to identify the wrongs and make a difference. Join us as we drive excellent discussions around policy issues in Africa, and steer way forward. Join us as we lead the continent to prosperity through the ideas of freedom, free markets, tolerance, entrepreneurship.


Speakers at LibertyCon come from all walks of life but share an interest in promoting human and economic freedom. In the past at our conference, we have had speakers like Ambassador Martin Kimani, Mr.Manu Chandaria, Peter Goettler, Dr. Tom G. Palmer, Japheth Omojuwa, Seun Onigbinde, Chika Oduah, Chude Jideonwo, Pamela Adie, Dr. Emmanuel Martin, Bill Wirtz, and so on.

This year, Mike Rotich, Olumayowa Okediran, Phumlani Majozi, Dennis Foretia, Onyango Otieno, Rejoice Ngwenya, Banke Olagbegi and other amazing speakers will share their knowledge to inspire and challenge us to be better and stronger pro-liberty advocates.


This year, our program will include discussions on democracy and governance in Africa; the profiteering business of COVID19 donation funds and mismanagement in African countries; the cause and challenge of youth unemployment; the future of trade and entrepreneurship in Africa, and so much more!


This year, our program will include discussions on democracy and governance in Africa; the profiteering business of COVID19 donation funds and mismanagement in African countries; the cause and challenge of youth unemployment; the future of trade and entrepreneurship in Africa, and so much more!


Onyango Otieno

Co-Founder, Fatuma's Voice Foundation

Phumlani Majozi

Senior Fellow, African Liberty

Olumayowa Okediran

Director of International Programs, Students For Liberty

Linda Kavuka

Director of African Programs, Students For Liberty

Kasmil Gago

Ibrahim Anoba

Managing Editor, AfricanLiberty.org

Rejoice Ngwenya

Founder, COMALISO Zimbabwe

Dr. Denis Foretia

Co-Chair, Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation

JJ Omojuwa

Founder & Chief Strategist, The Alpha Reach

Levi Kedowide

Founder, TUKA Institute

Mike Rotich

Executive Director, Eastern Africa Policy Centre

Mrs. Banke Olagbegi-Oloba

Lecturer, Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko

Abisola Olaiya

Regional Coordinator, Southern Nigeria

Edam Shem

Regional Coordinator, Uganda and Sudan

Kepher Ojijo

Managing Partner, Ojijo Senaji and Associates Advocates

Fola Aina

Independent Consultant, Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars’ Africa Program

Zaina Kombo

Head of Nairobi Office, HAKI Africa

Fri Asanga

COO, the Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation

Burugu Babu

Regional Coordinator, Kenya and Somalia

Joyce Mbogo

President and Co-Founder, Ladies Of Liberty Alliance Kenya

Aimable Manirakiza:

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Development and Enterprises Great Lakes

Bruce Vaillant Ntangibingura

Program Manager, Great Lakes Center for Development and Enterprise

Lanre Peter Elufisan

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Ominira Initiative for Economic Advancement

Alieu Bangura

Freelance IT Consultant and Researcher, SeeFAR Enterprise

Samson Itodo

Executive Director, Yiaga Africa


COVID Millionaires - How COVID 19 Donations in some countries have been stolen and also mismanaged by corrupt officials.

The influx of grants for Africa in the advent of the pandemic opened the door of funds for the government to offset the crisis. From foreign aid to private donations, the findings of how much was received as donations angered many who had suspected there was fraud and corruption in how the government handled the allocation of relief funds, particularly the millions of dollars which were supposed to be for the procurement of protective materials for schools and hospitals. The call for accountability and transparency seems too weak thus almost giving legitimacy to the already corrupt officials to perpetrate their menace. For how long will Africa continue to watch scarce resources mismanaged by frivolous governments?

Why are young people not getting employed/ jobs? Technical Skills Vs Uni Certificates

We are gradually moving to the era where the entire aspect of human life is almost digitally-enabled and we will soon live in an environment that cannot be detached from digitization in all forms.

No doubt, this will affect every individual and organization. Digital innovation has the capacity to transform practices, raise performance and increase growth across all industry sectors and the first and largest beneficiaries are those who find their feet in the technical department.

This is a sharp contrast with those who prioritize certification over qualification. The 21st Century is faced with new jobs that require new skills. The acquisition of university education or formal education is not to relegate the non formal education to the background neither is it to make it a less important or inferior form of learning. Infact, the impact of technical skills in everyday life is ubiquitous from simply the comfort in smart home to self-adaptive marketing, business intelligence in economic based activities on data analytics, clustering or prediction tools, but becomes crucial to the spread of liberty across all areas of life.

Incessant rapes cases and teen pregnancies amid COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has potentially exposed women and young girls to catastrophic secondary health impacts, with the most susceptible victims being teens. Met with disblief and angst is the rise in the numbers of rape victims and tenage pregancies during the global lockdown. As countries grapple with the uncertainties of situations returning to normal, what are the ways of curbing these vices? What measures can the African communities put in place?

Quick Money Generation: Cyber Fraud

Cyber fraud is a crime. It destroys the societal value of hard work and reward. Sadly, it has become a menace for many African societies, especially among its youthful population, who have tied financial liberty and youthful exuberance to engaging in cyber fraud. How can we discourage this and share alternative routes to financial freedom?

Has Democracy Worked? An eye into Africa’s Political Structures, Youth, Politics & Governance

Popularly described as the rule of the majority, the tide seems to have turned for many African countries as democracy no longer serves nor works for the people. The ruling few promulgates laws that are subject to only the commons, and empowers them to engage in the most corrupt practices. The rule of law is a just a mere joke, the press is only free when it tilts in the direction of the prescribed political correctness. Civil liberties are beyond the grasp of the individual. Young people – who are the future – have become tools and errand boys for politicians.

Embracing a new world order Post COVID-19: Entrepreneurship & the Future of Trade in Africa

Markets create jobs. When people have jobs, they will be able to feed their families, and live peaceful and healthy lives, thus breaking the cycle of poverty and barriers to prosperity. Africa needs trade and entrepreneurship to make that happen and revive its economy. That should be the new normal.

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