Wednesday, 14 October, 2020

Session #2: Why aren’t young people getting jobs? University Certificates vs Technical Skills

We are gradually moving to the era where the entire aspect of human life is almost digitally-enabled and we will soon live in an environment that cannot be detached from digitization in all forms.

No doubt, this will affect every individual and organization. Digital innovation has the capacity to transform practices, raise performance and increase growth across all industry sectors and the first and largest beneficiaries are those who find their feet in the technical department.

This is a sharp contrast with those who prioritize certification over qualification. The 21st Century is faced with new jobs that require new skills. The acquisition of university education or formal education is not to relegate the non formal education to the background neither is it to make it a less important or inferior form of learning. Infact, the impact of technical skills in everyday life is ubiquitous from simply the comfort in smart home to self-adaptive marketing, business intelligence in economic based activities on data analytics, clustering or prediction tools, but becomes crucial to the spread of liberty across all areas of life.